Exhibitor testimony : Bodet Software at APS 2019

Bodet Software has been innovating over the last 30 years with material and software solutions in order to facilitate business management around 3 main hubs: work time management, human resources management, building access control and security. The company has 350 employees and achieved à turnover of 45 million euros in 2018.

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Bodet Software was exhibiting from the 1st to the 3rd of October 2019 at APS (the French leading trade fair of the Security Market) in Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles. The company used allostand to compare stand builders and find easily the right contractor. Elodie Besnard, Communication & Marketing Assistant at Bodet Software, explains how allostand helped her to organize Bodet Software”s participation at the event more simply.

Can you introduce yourself and explain your role in the company ?

I have been for Bodet Software for 4 years, as marketing and communication assistant. I am in charge of events management and webmarketing (website, social networks, emailing, etc.).

Are trade fairs an important growth lever for Bodet Software? if yes, why ?

Absolutely, we exhibit at ten trade fairs in France and abroad every year. We think it is important to attend events dedicated to our business sectors. It is always a good way to improve the brand visibility and meet new potential customers. 

Can you describe quickly the specifications of your stand project ?

We booked a 15 sqm bare stand. The objective was to arrange this space. We wanted to show technical products (cameras, badge readers, etc.), and also build the signage around these products while respecting our graphic chart. 

Bodet Softawe booth @ APS 2019

What was the impact of your participation at APS 2019 ?

We welcomed a lot of visitors on our exhibition booth, and around 50 contacts were made this year. We are pleased with our exhibition performance.

What do you expect from a stand builder ?

Important skills from a stand builder should be : proactive approach, responsiveness, the ability to propose trendy designs and the ability to provide quality support.

Before using allostand, how did you compare contractors and select a stand builder ?

We mainly use internet to source our contractors and relationships we already have with stand builders. 

Why did you use allostand ? 

The first stand builder I have contacted was not very reactive. I made more researches and I found the platform allostand.com. I decided to experiment. It is nice to be able to check previous achievements of different contractors.

Would you recommend allostand to an exhibitor?

I would strongly recommend allostand. The website is very clear, the approach is simple and most of all, the process goes fast. You quickly receive a response whether it is positive or negative, and you can start working immediately with the chosen contractor.

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