Exhibitors testimony : Eurécia at the Solutions RH

Eurécia, a French company specialized in administrative management software exhibited at Solutions Ressources Humaines, the trade show of new solutions for Human Resources. Founded in 2006, Eurécia helps more than 1200 companies everyday, in the management of their human resources, thanks to simple and complete solutions.

As major player on the human resources market, this trade fair is a big issue for Eurécia. This event is an excellent opportunity to meet potential clients and to be known by every one. In order to meet their expectations, Jennifer Delmas, who’s in charge of communication at Eurécia, used allostand to find a stand builder. 

How did you know allostand ?

I received an email, that has been very persuasive for me because it was the kind of solution I was looking for.

Why did you choose allostand ?

There is only allostand to provide this kind of service : they proposed me several contractors according to my specifications. Before, it was very hard to find a stand builder that met my needs (budget, style, location, etc.). I used to make research on google, but there were too many stand builders and often not adapted for my demands. There was always annoying criterion. Those research made me waste a lot of time.

Eurécia stand @ Solutions RH 2019

What was the business impact for you to attend this trade fair ?

We came over 6 years to this trade show. It’s a big deal for us, because all of our challengers are also here. But it is also the only trade faire where we are present so we bet a lot on it. This year, we created over 200 contacts and at least half is qualified. We also met few clients.

Have you ever had to look for a stand builder for a trade fair ?

Yes, it has been 3 years, that I organize this trade, and every year I change my contractors. We never worked with the same stand builder twice. Why ? Because one no longer exists, the other one wasn’t able to achieve what we asked for, et the last one, chose with allostand.com that we consider to call back next year for the quality of his work.

Will you try to use allostand.com again ?

Yes, of course. It’s always interesting to challenge our contractors in order to get fair prices, and also discover more innovative stand builders.

Allostand is here to help exhibitors to easily find a stand builder. How ? By helping them with the writing of their specifications ; by helping them to compare stand builders ; by enabling them to solicit up to three different stand builders according to their criteria. More information on www.allostand.com

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