Exhibitor testimony : Nanoleaf at CEF Live 2019

Founded in 2012, Nanoleaf is an innovative company, specialized in personalized lighting. Their main goal is to create smart home products that transform ordinary things into extraordinary expériences. From 6 and 7 June 2019, Nanoleaf attented the CEF Live in Birmingham, the international trade fair for the suppliers and professionals working across the electrical sector together. Nanoleaf used the platform allostand to find a stand builder able to meet their expectation for this event. Interview of Annika Beck, Head of marketing at Nanoleaf.

Can you explain your role in the company ?

I am in charge of the brand marketing and communication in Europe.

How have you heard about allostand ?

I’ve been contacted by allostand team.

Why did you use allostand ?

We are a young start-up and we never worked with stand builders. We  needed a stand builder able to meet our expectations in France but also abroad. The platform helped me to contact several design agencies, all at once with the same brief.

Nanoleaf booth @ CEF Live 2019

Can you describe quickly the brief for your exhibition booth ?

The stand measured 16 sqm and we wanted a modern design for a modular stand. We also wanted a reusable for other trade fairs this year. Last, we wanted to work with a contractor able to take in charge the logistic and transport of our stand abroad.

What was the impact of your participation at CEF Live 2019 ?

CEF Live is often visited by our distributor, so the main goal was to meet branch managers. However our stand attracted a lot of attention beyond our professional network.

Have you ever had to look for a stand for a trade fair ? If yes, what was your approach ?

CEF Live organizer proposed several stand builders, I also called few stand builder who emailed me before the event.
Finally, I decided to work with a stand builder found on the platform allostand.

Will you try to use allostand.com again ? If yes, explain why.

I think we found a design agency for at least this year. I even consider to continue to work with the stand builder found on allostand during 2020. Considering I may found « the one », I don’t need to use allostand once again.

Allostand is here to help exhibitors to easily find a stand builder. How ? By helping them with the writing of their specifications ; by helping them to compare stand builders ; by enabling them to solicit up to three different stand builders according to their criteria. More information on www.allostand.com

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