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Which stand builder to contact in Rennes?

Do you exhibit at a trade fair or congress in Rennes? Work with a stand builder from Rennes will allow you to optimize your budget, reduce your carbon footprint, and be accompanied by an expert on the exhibition centres in Rennes’ area.

There are many contractors of custom stands in Rennes and its region. These stand builders have not the same size, the same preferred activity sectors, the same integrated services (Design office, printing studio, production unit, VR / 3D, etc.). They do not all apply the same rates and do not always integrate an eco-responsible approach in their porcess.

Therefore, it is not easy to find a stand builder in Rennes that will match the technical and financial specifications for your custom stand project.

Allostand helps you find the right stand contractor in Rennes

That’s why we created allostand, the first intelligent platform between exhibitors and stand builders.

How does allostand work for exhibitors :
1. Submit your custom stand project within a few clicks.
2. Compare the stand builder according to their prices, achievements, areas of intervention, etc.
3. Contact up to 3 contractors for your stand project.

Thanks to our algorithm based on geo-tracking criteria, you can get in touch quickly with stand design agencies located in Rennes’ area. Within a few clicks, you will find the stand builder which will fit to your custom stand project in Rennes.

Attend at a trade fair in Rennes

For several years, Rennes Métropole has strongly developed its business travel offer. In January 2018, Rennes opened a new convention center located in the heart of the city, in the former Jacobins convent. With more than 650 000 passengers welcomed at Rennes airport, 21 TGV shuttles per day from Paris and more than 4 000 hotel rooms, Rennes is now an important player in the trade fairs and exhibitions market in France.

Exhibition centres in Rennes

Rennes has two main exhibition centres which welcome nearly 1 million visitors per year. The Parc Expo Rennes Aéroport hosts around 100 professional and public fairs every year, which attract nearly 800 000 visitors. The exhibition centre has a capacity of 110 000 sq.m . The Parc Expo Rennes Aéroport is the 6th largest exhibition centre in France.

Opened in January 2018, the Couvent des Jacobins (4 000 sq.m of exhibition space) is the second main exhibition venue in Rennes. The convention centre hosted 205 events in 2018, including 173 professional events. These events attracted over 150 000 visitors, including 12 000 international visitors.

Parc Expo Rennes Aéroport

Trade fairs in Rennes

Rennes hosts two international trade fairs in the agri-food sector, SPACE (The international exhibition for animal production – 1 450 exhibitors and 110 000 visitors) and CFIA (the food-processing sector’s main event- 1 600 exhibitors and 20 000 visitors). The other main trade fairs in Rennes are Artibat (the construction trade fair), Hexagone (the essential meeting place for gift professionals), Salon CE Rennes (Trade fair for works councils and local authorities), BreizhProExpo (the trade fair for catering trade and catering), Carrefour des Gestions Locales de l’Eau (12 400 participants), etc.

Public fairs in Rennes

The main public fairs in Rennes are the Foire Internationale de Rennes (140 000 visitors), the Salon international du tourisme de Rennes (38 000 visitors), the Salon de l’Immobilier (2000 visitors), Esprit Maison – Esprit Jardin (17 000 visitors), the Salon Vins et Gastronomie, etc.

Find out more about SPACE

SPACE (the international exhibition for animal production) is the largest trade fair organized in Rennes and the 2nd largest French fair in the agricultural sector. The trade exhibition welcomes nearly 1 500 exhibitors and 110 000 visitors, including 14 000 international visitors from 121 countries. Each year, more than 300 of SPACES’ exhibitors exhibit outdoor to present their agricultural materials, equipment and latest innovations.


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