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How to find a stand builder in Marseille ?

Do you attend a trade fair or congress in Marseille ? Work with a local stand builder will allow you to optimize your budget, reduce your carbon footprint, and be suppored by a contractor familiar with the exhibition centres located in Marseille’s area.

There are many designers and manufacturers of custom stands in Marseille and its region. These stand builders do not have the same size, the same favorite business sectors, the same integrated services (Design office, printing studio, production unit, VR / 3D, etc.). They do not apply the same prices or do not necessarily integrate an eco-responsible approach in their process.

To resume, it is not easy to find a stand builder in Marseille’s area that will fit the technical and financial specifications of your bespoke stand project.

Our offer : help you find the right stand builder in Marseille

That’s why we have launched allostand, the first intelligent marketpkace for exhibitors and stand contractors.

Our missions :
1. Allow exhibitors to find quickly the right stand installer in Marseille.
2. Help exhibitors write quickly a relevant design brief.
3. Allow exhibitors to contact easily qualified stand builder in Marseille.

Thanks to geo-tracking criteria, allostand allows you to solicit for free stand design agencies in Marseille. Allostand helps you find the stand builder which will support you during your trade fairs in the Marseille’s area.

Exhibit at a trade fair in Marseille

Designated by the New York Times as the second favorite international destination, Marseille hosts an average of 550 professional events per year. The city and its region host more than 30 internationally renowned trade fairs. Business travel represents more than 1.5 billion euros in economic benefits for the city and 15 000 jobs. Marseille has recently won a price at the France Congrès awards.

Exhibition centres in Marseille

Marseille Chanot Palais des Congrès et des Expositions is Marseille’s largest exhibition centre. It covers 15 000 sq.m and offers 4 500 sq.m of exhibition space. The other main exhibition centres in Marseille are the Palais du Pharo (7 000 sq.m) and the World Trade Center Marseille Provence (2 000 sq.m).

Marseille Chanot

Trade exhibitions in Marseille

As explained, Marseille and its region host more than 30 international trade fairs. The main trade fairs in Marseille are Euromaritime (the Euro Mediterranean trade fair for blue growth), Food’in Sud (the trade show for food service and hospitality in the Mediterranean area), AccesSecurity (the euro Mediterranean hub for the security business), Préventica Marseille and Beauty Prof’s.

Public fairs in Marseille

The main public fairs which take place in Marseille are the Foire internationale de Marseille (350 000 visitors), the Salon International de l’Art (16 000 visitors), Artemisia (20 000 visitors), the Salon Piscine et Jardin (10 000 visitors), the Salon des Entrepreneurs (11 000 visitors).

SAFIM: focus on the leading local player

SAFIM is a founding member of the Marseille congress and event office. The company has two activities: manage the Palais des Congrès and Marseille Chanot and organize public and professional fairs. The main fairs organized by SAFIM are the Foire internationale de Marseille, Food’in Sud, the Salon Piscine et Jardin, Ma Maison Mes Envies and AccesSecurity.

Are you looking for a stand builder in Marseille ? With allostand, submit your stand project within a few clicks, compare stand builders and solicit up to 3 contractors for your bespoke stand project in Marseille.


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