TOP 10 of the world biggest airshows

The aviation industry sector in growing fast. Experts estimate that 42 000 aircraft should be delivered during the next 20 years, for a market valued a 15 000 billion USD. In this context, the next SIAE which is located at le Bourget (France) from 17 to 23 June 2019, we encourage you to discover the TOP 10 of the world biggest airshows. 

1. SIAE (320 000 visitors) – France

Salon International de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (SIAE) is an event of huge importance. Organized at the airport of Le Bourget, north of the French capital, this meeting is not to be missed for aviation industry professionals. Existing since 1909, this event is a worldwide reference. The 2017 edition, gathered 320 000 visitors, with 140 airplanes presented (of which the new A380 Airbus), about 40 flying presentations and around 150 billion USD of purchases ordered.

2. Seoul ADEX (285 000 visitors) – South Korea

From 15 to 20 October 2019, the Seoul ADEX (Aerospace and Defense Exhibition) will open its gates in the South Korean capital. Organized every 2 years, this trade show exhibits during 6 days. This aviation event is hugely successful : in 2017, 400 companies were exhibiting for a record attendance (85 000 professionals, 200 000 visitors). There are many outdoor exhibits, and daily flying demonstrations of international aerobatic teams.

3. ILA Berlin (180 000 visitors) – Germany

Every 2 years, the aerospace industry gathers to take part at the Internationale Luftfahrtausstellung Berlin (ILA). Inescapable meeting of the sector., this event gathers over 1 000 exhibitors from all over the world for its 2018 edition. Aerospace innovation is at the heart of the trade show for which 180 000 visitors and 2 500 journalists came.

4. Royal International Air Tattoo (180 000 visitors) – United-Kingdom

In the military aviation industry, the inescapable event is the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT). It is held every year near London, at the Royal Air Force base of Fairford. During this meeting, the most renowned companies of the sector are present. Several hundreds of military machines are exposed in front of a large public. In 2019, the demonstration will take place on the 19th and 21th of July. The event will attached a special importance British Space Industry for the 50th birthday of the first moon landing.

5. Farnborough International Airshow (80 000 visitors) – United-Kingdom

Taking place every 2 years during July in the city of Farnborough (50 km from London), the aviation trade show of Farnborough is a renowned event in the military and civilian aviation industry. Borned in 1948, it became year by year an event of international concern. The 2018 edition has been a great success with a 10% increase on the number of visitors (over 80 000 visitors) and purchases estimated around 160 million EUR.

6. Dubai Air Show (80 000 visitors) – UAE

Since 1989, United Arab Emirates owns a big aviation trade fair called Dubai Air Show. At the beginning, the event only attract 200 exhibitors. From 17 to 21 November 2019, the next edition of Dubai Air Show will attract around 1 300 exhibitors. About 165 aircafts will be exposed. In 2017, the event welcomed 80 000 visitors and generated an order book of 110 billion USD.

7. Singapore Airshow (80 000 visitors) – Singapore

In Asia, the Singapore Airshow is the most renowned aviation trade show. This event is organized every 2 years since 2008, under the form of a partnership between Singaporean civilian aviation authority and the Science and Technology Defense Agency. This big airshow, takes place on Changi’s air base. New technologies (drones, robots) have an important role during the event. The next edition will take place from 11 to 16 February 2020.

8. MAKS (70 000 visitors) – Russia

Since 1992, Moscow’s aerospace trade show is held every 2 years on the Joukovski airport, near the russian capital. It’s one of the world’s principal aviation trade show. The event exposes in priority all innovations coming from the russian aerospace technology department. The biggest manufacturers expose their brand new products on this occasion. A lot of prototypes and experimental technologies are also exposed to the visitors. The 2019 edition will take place from 27 August to 1st September.

9. F-AIR (60 000 visitors) – Colombia

South America is certainly not lacking in aviation event. The F-AIR is big event that brings to the fore the civilian and military aircraft industry. Primarily aimed at professional of the aviation sector, the event is hold in the city of Rionegro, near Medellin. From 11 to 14 July 2019, this event will be the perfect occasion to present many manufacturer stands, flying demonstrations and conferences. During the last edition, the trade show gathered 200 companies for approximately 60 000 visitors.

10. Marrakech Air Show (30 000 visitors) – Morocco

The Marrakech Air Show (MAS) is organized every 2 years. It is the principal event dedicated to the aviation industry in Africa. Also called AeroExpo Marrakech, since 2008 this trade show gathers manufacturers and aeronautics state agencies. The MAS became a true institution : in 2018, 300 exhibitors came from 80 countries for an attendance estimated at 30 000 visitors. This edition was marked by many conferences and flying demonstrations.

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