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We explain how to use the Allostand platform to find the ideal exhibition stand designer.
Its simple, fast and free !

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Step 1:
Submit your stand project

Submit your simplified specifications in a few minutes using our form.
Fill in the information on the event you are exhibiting on (name, date, sector of activity, location), the size of your stand, your budget, your schedule. Specify the services expected: languages ​​spoken, eco-responsible approach, design, production, assembly, dismantling, storage etc.
Once your project is finalized, the Allostand algorithm offers you up to 10 service providers corresponding to your specifications.


Count on average a budget / sq.m between 300 € and 600 €. Indicate an approximate but realistic budget in order to be put in contact with the relevant stand builders for your stand project.

Step 2:
Compare the stand builders and solicit 3 contractors

You have finalized your stand project on the platform and clicked on “see the stand builders” well done! Allostand's algorithm presents you with up to 10 exhibition stand designers matching the criteria of your specifications.

Contractors are ranked in order of correspondence with your criteria. You can now consult the profile of each stand designer to find out their average price per sq.m, photos of their latest achievements, references, preferred activity sectors, their integrated services, etc.

We suggest you solicit up to 3 stand builders for the realization of your stand project (tick the stand builders you wish to solicit).

Step 3:
Receive proposals from stand builders

You have requested 3 stand builders on the platform to carry out your stand project, bravo! The stand builders selected have received a notification with the basics about your project.

If they are interested in your stand project, the stand builders buy the connection in order to access your contact details and your brief. They will then contact you directly in order to gather as much information as possible to make a relevant proposal.

You are of course free to choose the service provider with whom you wish to work!


When an exhibition stand designer declines your contact request, you have the option of contacting another service provider on the platform.

Some tips for submitting a relevant brief

Fill in your brief as much as possible

Allostand's algorithm crosses the information in your brief with the criteria of the profiles of exhibition stand manufacturers referenced on the platform. The more detailed your specifications, the more Allostand will be able to offer you relevant service providers. Do not neglect the non-mandatory fields in the project submission form, they will allow you to refine your search and quickly find the right exhibition stand manufacturer for your stand project.

Set a realistic budget

When you submit your stand project on the platform, we ask you to indicate a budget range. Count on average between € 300 and € 600 per sq.m depending on the specifics of your project. This budget depends on the expected service: stand design, production, assembly, dismantling, storage, etc. We invite you to indicate a realistic budget in order to suggest relevant stand builders.

Use geolocation criteria

The Allostand platform allows you to solicit exhibition stand agencies close to the venue of the event or close to the domicile of your company. Do you want to reduce your environmental footprint and optimize transport costs? Then ask stand builders close to the location of the event. Do you want to meet physically with the service providers requested before making your choice? Then solicit stand designers close to the domicile of your company.

Play the game with the solicited stand builders

Allostand is a qualified lead generation platform for stand builders. The stand designers you hire pay to access your brief and contact details. We therefore make sure that the submitted stand projects are complete and that they can lead to a market for stand builders. As the service is free for exhibitors, we invite you to: respond to the service providers you have requested, follow up on files, explain your choice when an exhibition stand designer has not been selected for your stand project.

They found the ideal stand builder thanks to Allostand!

Kévin Bosc | Head of Marketing France

“I would not hesitate to recommend Allostand, given the simplicity of the platform and the support from the team. A very nice discovery! "

Annika Beck | EMEA Marketing Director

"With Allostand we easily found a great stand builder with whom we will continue to work in 2020."

Thomas Didier | Head of Marketing

“I was not fully satisfied with my previous contractors and wanted to quickly source new companies. I couldn't have done as well or as fast as Allostand using my network. "

Marie-Agnès Douglas | Marketing and Communication Manager

"When the show director told us about the platform, we were convinced of its interest because it is very complicated to find a competent and serious stand contractor. Whenever we need a stand builder we will use Allostand from now on. "

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