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We explain how to use the Allostand platform to find new customers, simply!

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Step 1:
Define your company profile

Are you a designer of custom exhibition stands? Create a stand builder profile for free and in a few clicks on our platform. Present your business in a few lines; delimit your areas of intervention; specify your minimum budget; define your favorite business sectors; upload photos of your latest achievements, specify your eco-responsible approach, etc.

Once your profile is finalized, the Allostand team will verify and activate it so that it is visible to exhibitors.

Step 2:
Receive qualified leads

Your profile is finalized and online on the platform, well done! Thousands of companies visit the Allostand platform every month to easily find the ideal stand builder for their tailor-made stand projects.

On Allostand, an exhibitor can request a maximum of 3 stand builders for his project.

If you are requested, you will receive an email notification giving you access to the basic elements of the project: name, date and location of the event, size of the stand, exhibitor's budget, etc. On the basis of these elements, we suggest that you accept or refuse the connections:
You wish to accept a project: click on "Accept the lead" to access the exhibitor's contact details and their specifications.
You wish to refuse the project: click on "Refuse the lead".

Please note: all stand projects posted on the platform are verified by the Allostand team. We make sure that companies exhibit at the events mentioned and that they have requested a limited number of service providers.


We advise you to accept or refuse requests to connect exhibitors within 3 days. Thus, the exhibitor will not solicit other service providers outside the platform in order to move forward on his project. When you accept a lead, contact the exhibitor immediately to let them know that you are interested in their booth project.

How much does it cost ?

Stand budget
€ 2,500 <€ 5,000
Lead price
€ 150 excl. VAT
Stand budget
€ 5,001 <€ 20,000
Lead price
€ 200 excl. VAT
Stand budget
€ 20,001 <€ 50,000
Lead price
€ 250 excl. VAT
Stand budget
> € 50,001
Lead price
€ 300 excl. VAT

Registration for the Allostand service is free for stand builders.

The stand builder pays Allostand service fees (between 2% and 6% of the budget declared by the exhibitor) for any stand project that he carries out following a relationship initiated on the platform.

A subscription to the service can be taken out by stand builders to benefit from reduced service costs.

Contact us to find out the detail of the pricing conditions and subscription conditions.

Step 3:
Contact the exhibitor

You just accepted a lead on the platform, well done! The exhibitor is automatically notified. You now have access to the exhibitor's contact details and their specifications. We invite you to contact the exhibitor directly in order to:

  • Tell him that you have accepted his request for contact on Allostand.
  • Collect as many items as possible in order to make a complete proposal.
  • Once the match is accepted, it's your turn to win the deal!

Step 4:
Adapt your profile

Do you receive requests for stand projects that do not correspond to your positioning? You can adjust your profile at any time to receive relevant qualified leads.
Consider modifying your lead time according to your periods of activity. This will allow you not to turn down too many leads when you are overloaded.
Conversely, you will receive more solicitations during periods of quieter activity.

How to optimize your chances of being solicited by exhibitors?

Presentation of your company

When your profile appears in the exhibitor search, you only have seconds to differentiate yourself from your competition. We therefore invite you to take care of the presentation of your company. Introduce yourself in a few lines by indicating the strengths and values ​​of your company. Don't forget to translate your presentation into English in order to have a chance to be solicited by international exhibitors.

Photos of your latest designs

100% of stand designers solicited on the Allostand platform uploaded photos of their latest creations to their profile. Exhibitors are sensitive to the design of your achievements and your references. Do you work on small and large exhibition areas? Do you offer several types of materials? Consider presenting various creations that will give a good idea to exhibitors in your field of expertise.


Allostand’s mission is to make it easy and quick for exhibitors to find the ideal contractor for their turnkey stand projects. When you are approached by an exhibitor for the creation of his stand, be responsive! We invite you to accept or refuse production requests within 3 days maximum. If you refuse, the exhibitor will be able to move forward on his project with other providers of the platform. If you agree, contact the exhibitor immediately, reminding him that he asked for you on Allostand. You will be able to retrieve the details of his brief and set a date for submitting the project.

Take care of your first approach

You accepted an exhibitor's solicitation, well done! Now it's your turn to win the deal. We recommend that you call the exhibitor directly first. You will be able to tell him that you have accepted his request for contact on Allostand. It will also allow you to present your company in more detail and create a direct link with the exhibitor. For the rest, the cards are in your hands!

Do not give up!

Many stand designers have succeeded in generating new business thanks to Allostand. On average, stand builders win a contract once in four on the platform.
The average stand project deposited on the platform is 36 sq.m for a budget of € 12.5K. Feel free to experiment with different trading techniques to identify the most effective and maximize your chances of winning business.
Finally, do not hesitate to refuse projects that do not suit you. The Allostand team is available to discuss projects before accepting or rejecting them.

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