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How to easily find a stand builder with allostand

Allostand is the first marketplace between exhibitors and stand builders. Our mission: help you to find easily and quickly the good contractor for your custom stand project.

This guide aims to help you make effective use of the Allostand platform

STEP 1: Submit your custom stand project

Are you exhibiting on a trade show or a congress? Are you looking for a stand contractor to build your exhibition booth? Submit your specifications on the platform. Indicate your information concerning your name, event date and location, industry, size of your booth, your budget, what is included in your budget, your planning. Indicate which stand builder profile you expect; language spoken, eco-responsible approach, etc.

Once your stand project is done, allostand’s algorithm offers you a list of stand contractors corresponding to your specifications.

Tips 1: Count an average budget/sqm between €300 and €600. Indicate an approximate but realistic budget in order to be related with relevant stand builder profiles for your custom stand project.

STEP 2: Compare stand builders and contact 3 contractors

Your filled all information, and clicked on “Access stand builder profiles”, congrats ! Allostand’s algorithm offers you a list of stand contractors according to your specifications.

Stand builders are ranked by order of matching with your criteria. You can now view their technical sheets to discover their average price/sqm, picture of their recent works, their references, integrated services, etc.

With allostand you can contact up to 3 stand builders to achieve your project (just check the sheet of stand builders you want to solicit).

STEP 3: Receive stand builders proposals

You have just solicited 3 stand builders on the platform for achieving your stand project. They received a notification with basic elements of your project.

If they are interested in your project, stand builders buy the lead to have access to your contact and brief. They contact you directly to collect the maximum amount of informations to make a relevant proposal. 

You decide who you want to work with.

Tips 2: Did a stand builder decline your stand project? No worries, you can select another one on the platform.

Few tips to submit a relevant stand project

Enter the maximum amount of information

Allostand’s algorithm crosses information filled up in your brief with criteria of stand builder profiles. The more your specifications will be complete, the more allostand could propose relevant stand builders. Do not neglect non mandatory fields of the form, they are precious to refine your research to the good contractor for your stand project.

Define a realistic budget

When you submit a stand project, we ask you for a budget range. Count an average price/sqm between €300 and €600 depending on your project’s specifications. This budget depends on the expected service delivery: design, production, building, dismounting, storage, etc. We invite you to indicate a realistic budget in order to offer you a relevant list of stand builders.

Use the geo-tracking criterion

Allostand allows you to solicit stand builders near the event location or near your company’s location. Do you wish to reduce your ecological footprint, or your transport costs? Choose a stand builder near your event location. Do you want to meet solicited contractors? Choose the ones that are near your company’s location.

Play the game with solicited contractors 🙂

Allostand is a lead generation platform for stand builders. Contractors you request pay to have access to your brief and contacts. We make sure that every stand project submitted are complete and that they can result to real business opportunities for stand builders. As the service is free for exhibitor, we invite you to: respond to contractors you solicited, follow up on files, explain your choice when you refuse a proposal.  

Discover allostand user’s testimonies

“I strongly recommend allostand. The website is well built. the approach is simple and the procedure is pretty quick! You obtain a fast response, whether it is negative or positive. Also you can quickly start working with the chosen stand builder.”
Elodie Besnard, Marketing & Communication assistant, Bodet Software

“With allostand we easily found a great stand builder with whom we’ll continue to work during 2020!”
Annika Beck, EMEA Marketing Director, Nanoleaf

“When the trade show director told us about the platform, we have been immediately convince by its advantage because it is difficult to find a competent and reliable stand builder. From now, every time we will need a stand builder, we will choose one through”
Marie-Agnès Douglas, Marketing & Communication Manager, STIL

“I never was totally satisfied with my previous stand contractors, and I wanted to source quickly new companies. I couldn’t do it better and faster than allostand by soliciting my network.”
Thomas Didier, Head of Marketing, Ermeo

“I would not hesitate to recommend allostand for its simplicity of use and the responsiveness of the team. A beautiful discovery!” 
Kévin Bosc, Head of Marketing France, Glassdoor


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