User guide for stand builders

How to use allostand effectively to find new customers

Allostand is the first marketplace between exhibitors and stand builders. Our missions: offer you visibility on the web, generate qualified leads, reduce the acquisition cost of a new business.

This guide aims to help you use the allostand platform in a relevant and effective way.

STEP 1: Define the profile of your company

Are you a professional stand builder? You can create for free and within few clicks a stand builder profile on our platform. Introduce your company in few lines; indicate your action areas; define your minimum budget; precise your favorite sectors; download pictures of your recent projects; specify that you have an eco-responsible approach (if so), etc.

Once your profile is complete, allostand team will make sure that everything is alright in order to put it online and make it visible for exhibitors.

STEP 2: Receive qualified leads

Your stand builder profile is complete and online, congrats ! Thousands of companies visit every month to find the relevant stand builder for their custom stand projects.

On the platform, exhibitors can select up to 3 stand builders for their project. If you are selected by an exhibitor, you receive a notification so you can see the basic elements of the project: name, date and location of the event, size of the booth, the budget. According to these elements, you can accept or decline the project.

Do you want to accept a project ? Click on “Buy the lead” and pay the indicated amount (from €150 to €300 excl. VAT according to the stand budget) to see exhibitor’s coordinates and specifications.

Do you want to decline a project ? Click on “Refuse the lead”.

All projects are verified by allostand team. We make sure that companies have confirmed their venue at the event, and that they have solicited a limited number of agencies.

TIPS 1 : We advise to accept or decline a project within 3 days, so that exhibitors do not solicit more stand builders out of the platform. When you accept a lead, do not hesitate to contact directly the exhibitor to tell him that you’re interested in his project.

STEP 3: Contact the exhibitor

You just bought a lead on the platform. You have now access to the exhibitor’s contacts and specifications. We invite you to contact him directly to:

  • Inform him that you accepted his project on the platform.
  • Collect as much informations as possible to make a complete proposal.
  • Once the lead is bought, it’s your turn to make a move to have a chance of winning the market !

STEP 4: Adapt your profile

You are selected for stand projects which don’t correspond to your expectations? You can adjust your profile at any time to receive qualified opportunities. 
Don’t forget to modify your time to complete according to your fallow and peak period. During peak period you won’t have to decline too many projects, in contrast to fallow period during which you could receive more solicitations.

How to increase your chances of being solicited by exhibitors?

Introduce your company

When your profile appears in a research, you only have few seconds to convince the exhibitor. We invite you to present your company with care. Introduce yourself in few lines, indicate your strength and values.

Pictures of your recent work

100% of stand builders solicited on allostand, downloaded pictures of their recent work on their profile. Exhibitors are sensitive to your work design and references. Do you work on small and big booth size? Do you use specific materials ? Present different work will demonstrate exhibitors that you have a large field of expertise.


Our mission aims to allow exhibitors to find a stand builder easily and quickly for their custom stand project. If you are solicited by an exhibitor, be reactive! We advise to accept or decline a project within 3 days. If you decline, the exhibitor will be able to move on with other stand builders registered on the platform. If you accept, do not hesitate to contact directly the exhibitors to tell him that you’re interested in his project.

TIPS 2 : Pay attention to the solicitation date. Allostand team advise you to reply within 3 days maximum.

Be careful on your first approach

You just accepted a lead, congratulation ! It’s now your turn to make the good move in order to win the market. First, call the exhibitor. This will also allow you to present your business in more details and create a direct link with the exhibitor. For the rest, the cards are in your hands!

Don’t give up !

A lot of stand builders succeeded in generating new business via allostand. In average, a stand builder wins a market one time in four on the platform. The average stand project amount for a stand project is €12.5K (36 sq.m). To conclude, do not hesitate to refuse a stand project which doesn’t correspond to your expectations. Allostand team is open to discuss about stand project to help you in your decision !


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